December 20 2019– February 2, 2020

Yojiro Imasaka




Yojiro Imasaka


Dec. 20, 2019 – Feb 2, 2020


NOWHERE is pleased to announce the opening of ATLAS, a series of photographs by Brooklyn based Japanese artist Yojiro Imasaka.


" Photography is a time-related medium, and I’m interested in creating images reflecting not only the past or present, but also the future. The idea originated with one image that I photographed in the deep forest in the northern part of Japan. The area is also known as an old-growth forest designated by the Japanese government as a world heritage site. In 2006, I found a tiny man-made waterfall there and photographed it from across a bridge. The contrast between the overwhelming presence of nature and a tiny human presence somehow reminded me of the impending future of human existence.


Looking back now, I believe this vision is deeply connected to my childhood. I was born and reared in Hiroshima, Japan. Ever since I was young, I have lived in the presence one of the most historical symbols of human folly, the Atomic Bomb Dome. After World War Two, people decided to preserve the building as a symbol of peace. However, it does not look like a symbol or reminder of peace at all. Rather, it just reminds me of future visions of a kind of post-human landscape. It makes me afraid of death, and the only way that I can live with this fear is to visualize and understand what the future might look like by taking photographs.


For this solo exhibition titled ATLAS, I’m presenting nearly twenty photographs including old and new works. I hope these landscapes of Japan and United States photographed with a large format film camera reminds people of where we live, and what the future might look like."


Yojiro Imasaka 

About Yojiro Imasaka

Yojiro Imasaka’s photographs have been seen in solo and group exhibitions, including the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, New Jersey City University Gallery, Art Project International in New York, a solo presentation at Paris Photo in France 2018 presented by Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery in New York, among others. His works have been purchased by such notable collections as San Jose Museum of Art, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Mead Art Museum/Amherst College, Carnegie Museum of Art, and multiple private collections. His publications include “U.S.A -Untitled Scapes of America- (2014), and “Trade Winds” (2018). Yojiro’s works have been profiled by multiple publications, including the Wall Street Journal, China Post, Relief magazine, ART OUT MUSEE, Whitewall Magazine, and VOGUE Online.

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