The Internet Yami-Ichi in NY3


The world renowned "Internet-ish" flea market returns to NY this Thanksgiving holiday weekend in SOHO’s newest hub for creatives.

November 30, 2019 from 11AM - 6PM

Admission: FREE

NEW LOCATION: 47 Wooster St

(from left to right: Office Politics (1)(2) / Frame* by Marco Rosella / Thunderclap ribbons and patches by Amy Suo Wu / Moosk (mask with oo for eyes) by Laura Juo-Hsin Chen & Andy Sigler / O.K. Fox / One Hundred embroidered emoji by Gregory Carafelli & Jen Ahearn / Malwear by GLITCHHAUS)

What is “The Internet Yami-Ichi” ?

The​ Internet Yami-​Ichi​ ​(The Internet Black Market) is a flea market where an online community and everyone else gather and exchange “Internet-​ish” things in real life. The Internet Yami-Ichi​ ​was founded by artist duo exonemo and their online art collective, IDPW. ​While the Internet Yami-Ichi originated in Tokyo, ​it has travelled to over twenty cities across the globe since its inception. This November, The Internet Yami-Ichi makes its return to New York where it will be hosted at the newly opened gallery/café NOW​H​ERE​ in Soho, Manhattan. Also on view here is exonemo’s solo show “U & I”. This is the first ever Internet Yami-ichi in Manhattan!

(from left to right: Tokyo, Berlin, Brussels)

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Vendors at The Internet Yami-Ichi in NY3

I-Nu Yeh​ / ​Soft Surprise​ / Jin Kang / team [DIAP] / ​Marco Rosella​ / Seyong Ahn / ​Jaeha​ / Allen Riley​ / ​Soft Surplus​ / ​Laura Juo-Hsin Chen & Andy Sigler​ / ​NAHEE KIM​ / ​Elena Botts​ / Gregory Carafelli & Jen Ahearn​ / ​Morgan Seiler​ / ​Gaby Iglesias​ / ​Olivia Martin​ / ​Mike Richison​ / ​Karissa SakumotoDanielle Draik​ / ​Christopher Clary​ / ​Emily Ree​ / ​Eli Yeung​ / ​Fuzzy Wobble​ / ​WEATHER MAN​ / ​The Basement Labs​ / ​Lillian Tong​ / ​Angelo Spagnolo​ / ​Roman Kalinovski​ / Lorenzo Sanjuan / ​Takashi Horisaki​ / Macauley Davis // Zach Coble / ​China Residencies​ / Dave / GLITCHAUS​ / ​Faith Holland​ /​OK Fox​ / ​Nicole Ruggiero​ / Alberto Cuteri aka Mr Nowhere

Organized by: exonemo​, ​IDPW

Sponsors & Partners:

NOWHERE            INFINITE OBJECTS     the wrong biennale

Online coverage of the first Internet Yami-Ichi in NY (September 12, 2015 @ Knockdown Center)


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