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Silicone-resin Mug

by SiNG


NowHere is happy to announce that we’ve begun selling some of our favorite products from Japan. We’ll be curating new offerings each month. First up is this durable and personable silicone rubber mug from SiNG.  
SiNG has been making industrial rubber components—things like tires, shoe soles, and hoses—since TK in their hometown of Kurume, also known as Rubber City. That nickname can be traced back to the 1920s, when a local man named Shojiro Ishibashi, while working for his family’s shoe company, noticed how quickly traditional sandals were worn to shreds on the feet of the many rickshaw drivers in town. Ishibashi attached rubber soles to the sandals, and the iconic  jika-tabi boot was born. In later years, Ishibashi founded the footwear company Asahi and the tire company Bridgestone in Kurume. Rubber City, indeed! 
SiNG is proud of its place in this lineage. In 2011, they were inspired to open the first dedicated silicone rubber plant not just in their hometown, not just in Fukuoka Prefecture, but on their entire home island of Kyushu. SiNG wants everyone to experience the tactile and functional appeal of silicone rubber, so they started out by making simple products that are essential for daily domestic life—things like key rings, coasters, and bowls.


It was their silicone-resin mug that first caught our eye. We like its subtle coloring and the feel of its matte texture. We’re impressed with how it warms up slowly when a hot drink is poured into it. Unlike other mugs, it’s never uncomfortable to pick up. And if you accidentally drop it before you’ve had your caffeine, there’s zero worry of breakage. It’s tough enough to take camping too!
The SiNG mug can withstand temperatures up to 392°F / 200℃. It holds 6 fl oz. / 180mL of your favorite drink, and it’s microwave and dishwasher safe.

Silicone-resin Mug

Orange / Light Blue / Yellow / Gray

Dimensions: Φ77 × 64 mm

Material: Silicone

$24.50 / each

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