Listening to the Silence

Ray Kunimoto

NOWHERE will be pleased to announce the opening of Listening to the Silence, a sound installation by Brooklyn based Japanese sound artist/musician Ray Kunimoto. 


Listening to the Silence

Even though we can close our eyes, we cannot close our ears. In other words, whether we like it or not, our ears are always listening to something.


In 1951, John Cage realized that mankind is incapable of experiencing total silence.

Because, even in a perfect anechoic chamber, we can hear the two sounds we inadvertently emit. The sounds heard there are the sound of the nervous system and the sound of blood circulation. They are the sounds of life from our own bodies.


Before we are born into this world, our bodies are surrounded with the sound of water and the sound of a pulse - in other words, the sounds within a mother's womb.


However, once we are born into the world and become accustomed to the tumult of society we completely lose the opportunity to turn our ears to the sounds inside ourselves.


Based on the concept of "listening to silence", I reinterpret the fundamental sounds flowing inside human beings, and  create a new acoustic space.


While sitting, while drinking tea, while closing your eyes, turn your ears to the "sounds that exist inadvertently".


And, at the end of this day, I hope you turn off the television and music that flows through your home and listen to the sounds that exist inadvertently within yourself.

-- Ray Kunimoto

About Ray Kunimoto

Sound Artist / Musician

Born in New York, 1991 and raised in Tokyo.

Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Graduated from Keio University, Bachelor of Arts, Aesthetics and Science of Arts.


Kunimoto's works focus on the act of 'listening to silence'. In his works he makes use of a unique 3D sound systems and technology, and creates a close connection between the behavior of those experiencing the work and the space around them. He presents new sound experiences spanning a variety of fields, not limited to just composition, but also engineering, sculpturing, and space design.


He has presented sound installation works in Japan, UAE, Taiwan, and other countries around the world, in addition to releasing music pieces and live performances too. His main pieces are "REI"[2019], "AMANE"[2019], "Multiface - Eclipse"[2017], "Multiface - Uniformity"[2017].


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