November 3 – December 27, 2020

Yasuo Nomura

Dimensionism 2.0




Yasuo Nomura

Dimensionism 2.0

Nov. 3 – Dec. 27, 2020



NowHere is pleased to announce the opening of Dimensionism 2.0     by New York based Japanese artist Yasuo Nomura.


Dimensionism 2.0     is a grand vision that continues the lineage of dimensional art for the new space age of the 21st century. In freeing dimensional art from the medium of painting, Dimensionism 2.0     aims to elicit physical sensations and spatial perspectives that the genre was previously incapable of capturing.

The first iteration of Dimensionism—which we might call Dimensionism 1.0—was created in 1936 by the Hungarian poet Charles Sirató, who was inspired by Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. In his Dimensionist Manifesto, Sirató pointed the way toward what he called a “cosmic art” which would meld technological innovation with aesthetic revolutions to allow entirely new experiences for lovers of art. His statement was endorsed by some of the greatest artists of the era including Marcel Duchamp, the father of modern art, along with Wassily Kandinsky, Joan Miró, Alexander Calder, and more.

In the years since then, the world has made groundbreaking scientific and technological leaps in the face of many social challenges. At long last, in the year 2020, humans are being sent into space by private companies. By the end of the year NASA will, for the first time, send astronauts to the International Space Station using a Space-X-made Falcon rocket. This will radically accelerate our exploration of space—not only for resources, but also in expanding the physical limitations of living things. The possibilities of pure 3-D space will open up, liberating us from our gravity-biased mindset.




This exhibition presents Pion, an installation that uses optical phenomena to allow viewers to experience a new way of perceiving dimension. Through the peculiar effect that takes place inside a large cube of about six feet per side, one’s perception of the workings of space can be indelibly altered.

NowHere, in a serendipitous instance of synchronicity, might also be written as TimeSpace. This makes it the perfect place to mark the first chapter of this newly born narrative—a story of the evolution of perception itself.


— Yasuo Nomura

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About Yasuo Nomura


Born 1979 Shimane, Japan

Lives and Works in New York City


Yasuo Nomura received a B.A. in Oil Painting from Tokyo’s Musashino Art University in 2004. Following a desire to transcend the essential two-dimensional nature of painting, Nomura began looking to the worlds of contemporary physics and mathematics for inspiration. A special attraction to the complex world of superstring theory, which hypothesizes a structural framework for all matter in the universe—and which posits the existence of numerous new dimensions, led Nomura to his concept of Dimensionism, which has become the dominant theme of his art since 2017. As a movement that intends to transcend our current perceptions of art and science, Dimensionism is particularly relevant in these early years of the 21st century.


In 2018, Nomura traveled to New York City as the recipient of a grant for overseas study from the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs. He has been a resident of New York since then. As his thematic concerns have developed, Nomura’s work has come to be based on his interactions with researchers from disparate fields—in 2019, for example, he visualized a new battery storage system in collaboration with Associate Professor Taketoshi Minato of Kyoto University.


Pion, the new work on display in this exhibition, delivers on Nomura’s promise to offer his audience tantalizing glimpses at what the lived experience of undiscovered dimensions might entail. 


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Daisuke Ukisita

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Masahiro Kondo

Toshihiro Terauchi

Yohei Kondo

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