October 17, 2020   8PM – 9PM

Live for

Listening to Silence

YouTube Live Streaming Event

Performers : Ray Kunimoto, Yukari Osaka,

Adam Robinson

NY based sound artist Ray Kunimoto will be performing live on October 17th. This live-stream concert is a collaboration with Yukari Osaka, a contemporary dancer, and Adam Robinson, a shakuhachi player. The performance will be streamed via YouTube Live from NowHere, where his solo exhibition “Listening to Silence” is currently on view through October 18.

Ray Kunimoto

Born in New York, 1991 and raised in Tokyo.
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
Graduated from Keio University, Bachelor of Arts, Aesthetics and Science of Arts Department.


Ray Kunimoto’s artworks employ unique 3D sound systems and technology to create intimate connections between the audience as they see and hear the work, and the space in which the work itself is situated. These aural experiences and physical objects utilize the tools and traditions of a variety of fields including composition, engineering, sculpture, installation art, and performance. 
Kunimoto has presented his sound installation works in Japan, UAE, Taiwan, and other countries.
He also releases music pieces and does live performances.


Twitter: @raykunimoto
Instagram: @raykunimoto
Web site: http://raykunimoto.com

Yukari Osaka

A dancer, theatre performer, and choreographer originally from Kobe, Japan. Yukari began her ballet training with Shibata Ballet Studio and continued with Sadamatsu-Hamada Ballet School where she joined their professional ballet company. After she moved to New York, Yukari completed the International Independent Study Program at The Ailey School. She has danced at Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre; a multimedia-contemporary dance company as a founding member since 2006. She has performed a wide range of works by choreographers such as Nikolai Fedorov, Dou Dou Huang, Ricky Jackson, Samar Haddad King, Kate Swan, Susan Tenney and Yuri Ng. She has appeared in various performances including international dance and theatre festivals, musical "Phantom" (Fleure) at Fireside Theatre and opera “Les Contes D’Hoffmann” at The Metropolitan Opera, to name a few. One of the music video she has choreographed; "white sea" has selected at Raindance Film Festival in 2014. Yukari also appears in commercials and music videos internationally. 


Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson is a shakuhachi player based in New York City. He studies in the classical tradition of the Kinko school of shakuhachi with Ralph Samuelson in New York and with Yamato Shudo in Japan. To supplement his shakuhachi training he studies Japanese ensemble music with koto and shamisen players Yoko Hiraoka (Ikuta Ryu) and Sumie Kaneko (Yamada Ryu) Adam attended The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music where he studied jazz improvisation and tenor saxophone. He currently performs with the Columbia University Gagaku Ensemble as well as in diverse rock and jazz settings with his friends in Brooklyn NY.



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